Our Community, Our Responsibility and Our Future!


Dear Edmonton Jewish Community,


We are excited to serve as Co-chairs of the 2019/20 UJA Campaign for our community. For nearly forty years, The Jewish Federation of Edmonton/UJA has been a vital and driving force in Jewish Edmonton, combining our community’s strengths and inspiring us, guided by our Jewish values, to work together to care for the vulnerable, support Jewish education and culture, forge connections with Israel, advocate on behalf of Israel and the Jewish People, and inspire future generations to embrace Jewish life. We are passionate about the work of The Jewish Federation/UJA and dedicated to ensuring its continuity.

Our objective is to raise over $1 million through the 2019/20 Campaign in order to fund Jewish Federation initiatives at home, in Israel and overseas. This is an ambitious goal and demographics continue to pose challenges, as community members retire, move away and pass away. Yet, we believe that the importance of our mission, the dedication of our volunteer canvassers, and the generosity of our community, make this goal achievable. The UJA team will host several events for our supporters during the Campaign season. We look forward to meeting you at these events and to learning about your needs and hopes for our collective future.

We are strongly committed to ensuring a vibrant and thriving Jewish future for Edmonton and around the world, through support of Federation/UJA. 


Please join us by making a gift to the 2019/20 UJA campaign.


Thank you for your generosity.

Ron Sorokin & Howie Sniderman

2019/20 UJA Co-Chairs

Thank you for putting our Jewish values into action.



With your help, our 2019/20 UJA campaign will raise $1.1 million to support the causes you care about at home in Edmonton, in Israel and in dozens of countries, where Jews are in need.



Your gift will change Jewish life for the better, in countless ways. You will:


Bring aid, assistance and comfort to the elderly, the poor, the hungry, the homeless and those with special needs.



Awaken Jewish identity through bursaries to Talmud Torah, Camp BB Riback, Birthright, and Maccabi, and support of programs such as Hillel, BBYO. P2G, and PJ Library.



Preserve and promote our culture, heritage and memories with the Edmonton Jewish Film Festival, Heritage Days, Yom Ha'atzmaut celebrations, Holocaust Education Programs, Yom HaShoah and Kristallnacht ceremonies, and more.



Advocate for Israel and Canadian Jewry by building alliances with government, media, campus and interfaith and ethnic communities, in order to counter anti-Semitism and stand proudly for the land and people of Israel, and for the Jewish people of Canada.




Your Support Matters!

Federation touches more Jewish lives on the planet than any other organization. Your generosity helps us to aid Jews worldwide; provide Jewish education for local children and teens; connect Jewish young adults to their heritage , and each other.

For questions, please contact Elianna or call (780)487-0585 X207

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