The Edmonton UJA Campaign kicks off September 19th

with Hip, Heymish and Hot...

Eleanor Reissa is one of the world’s most renowned interpreters of Yiddish music, and an award winning theatre artist. Join us for a delightful evening celebrating gems of Yiddish music and humor. You don't need to understand Yiddish to appreciate the joys and warmth of this unique, soulful language. The program includes passionate folk songs, classics of the Second Avenue Theatre, and touching expressions of love, piousness and protest. You'll laugh, cry and realize you understand more than you thought. With Jerry Korman on piano.

Special Guest: Sherri Wise, the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver. Sherri, a survivor of a terror attack in Jerusalem, is a passionate advocate for victims of terrorism.

***Tickets must be purchased before September 12th. No tickets available at the door***

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