Tel Aviv on Fire


Israel, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, 2018

Director: Sameh Zoabi

Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles


97 minutes

Thursday, May 23, 7:00 pm


Salam is a production assistant on the set of an Arab-language soap opera, popular in both Israel and the Palestinian Territories. With an unexpected promotion, he becomes the show’s main scriptwriter, despite his obvious lack of experience. Crossing the Ramallah checkpoint daily to get to work, Salam strikes up an awkward friendship with Assi, the Israeli officer in charge. Assi’s wife is a huge fan of the show and, together, Salam and Assi come up with plots that betray their shared desire to normalise Arab-Jewish relations and earn them points with the women they love. Irreverent, farcical and heartwarming, “Tel Aviv on Fire” will make you laugh – and give you hope.


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