From the Chair of Strategic Planning,


The Jewish Federation of Edmonton is excited to announce the launch of a Strategic Planning process to establish our priorities for the next 3-5 years. We need your input to ensure we are aware, informed and responsive. What do YOU think is important? How do we refresh and prioritize?


The strategic planning committee was launched in February 2021, with the intent of completing a strategic plan before the end of the year. We have assembled a diverse group of committed community members and retained an experienced consultantwho have been laying the groundwork together. Why do this now?

• We have a new CEO in place

• It has been many years since we last engaged in such in-depth planning

• Emerging from COVID, the landscape has changed and we want to be able to change with it.With many regular activities paused due to the pandemic, we want to take advantage of this down time

• We want to establish key priorities for the next 3-5 years, to align with evolving community demographics and needs.

This project consists of four phases:

• Phase 1: Assemble committee, develop data collection methodology,Inform the community

• Phase 2: Gather data through interviews, focus groups and a community survey, followed by analysis of the results. Wrapping up early fall

• Phase 3: Development of priorities based on data analysis, which will run through October/November

• Phase 4: Report to community at the AGM December 8th




Heed the call! The Board values your input as it is vital to inform the strategic direction of our community. We will keep you informed with regular updates. Thank you in advance for your participation!





For more information, please email