Israel, 2018

Director: Jacob Goldwasser

Hebrew with English subtitles


90 minutes

Tuesday, May 21, 7:00 pm


An engaging, humorous and life-affirming story of the relationship between Reuben (60), an aging auto mechanic, and Gadi (35), the exuberant special-needs son he abandoned long ago. When his ex-wife dies, Reuben is suddenly thrust into the position of caring for Gadi. The transition is fraught with difficulty for both men. Reuben wrestles with the obligations of parenting a son with disabilities, while Gadi grieves the loss of the mother who nurtured him and struggles to navigate new situations and new relationships. Gradually, they both adjust to their new life together. Their co-dependent bond will be tested by trials and tribulations that prompt complicated ethical and legal questions with profound ramifications for father and son.


Short film:  100 Faces

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