Muhi-Generally Temporary


Israel, Germany, 2017

Director: Rina Castelnuovo

Hebrew with English subtitles


89 minutes


For the past 7 years, Muhi, a Palestinian child from Gaza, has been living in an Israeli hospital, accompanied only by his grandfather. To save his life, Israeli doctors had to amputate his limbs. He cannot return to his family in Gaza because there is no appropriate medical care available there. For security reasons, both Muhi and his Grandfather live confined to the hospital’s grounds. An exceptional child, Muhi faces his situation with joy, cleverness and a steadfast determination to confront and overcome his disability. The film explores Muhi’s complex and often contradictory world, torn between two homes and two identities. It tells an evocative story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in human terms, while also offering a universal message about courage, resilience and the power of friendship.

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