Israel, 2017

Director: Oded Raz

Hebrew with English subtitles


100 minutes


“Maktub” is an Arabic word that means, “everything is written.” Steve and Chuma are thugs, collecting protection money for a Jerusalem-based crime organization. At the end of their collection rounds they walk into a restaurant. A deafening blast is heard from within the restaurant. They realize they're the only survivors of the deadly attack. They run straight to the Wailing Wall to give thanks for saving their lives. Chuma believes that their survival is a sign that they have to stop collecting debts.

From this moment on they lurk at the Wailing Wall and pick and choose the lucky notes stuffed in its cracks whose wishes they will help manifest. Unconsciously, through making other people's wishes come true, they find themselves dealing with their own secret wishes too. The good deeds they do reverberate in their own lives, and their secrets threaten to unravel their friendship.

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