Show your support for the Israel Pavilion at Heritage Festival

As some of you know, my week began with a brief trip to Toronto. During my trip, I was pleased to visit with some of the staff and the Vice-Consul at the Israeli Consulate in downtown Toronto. We had a productive meeting where we discussed the need so many have expressed to get consular services in Alberta, how our community has ensured cultural connections with Israel, and ways we can promote business and academic partnerships between Alberta and Israel.  

Many of you have already let us know you need consular services by filling out this form. If you have specific questions, please email the consulate directly and they will be better able to assist you. Did you know you can use mail for some services, such as basic passport renewals? Once we confirm the consulate’s visit, we will email everyone who filled out our form and promote through our communication channels. Subscribe and read our weekly e-newsletter to ensure you keep up with all the Jewish Edmonton news.

When you visit the Israel Pavilion at Heritage Festival, check out the consulate’s technology and innovation booklets, as well as some remarkable new features. Explore Israel tech and innovation as you don virtual reality glasses, pretend to be an archeologist as you dig for artifacts, imagine yourself in Israel when you put yourself in a new Instagrammable backdrop, and introduce your tastebuds to malabi, a vegan dessert very popular in Israel.  

Many of you have told me how important you think it is that our community has a powerful presence at Heritage Festival. This is your opportunity to ensure that we continue in this tradition, despite an altered pavilion in a new location. Come and show your support by volunteering or visiting. We have a robust marketplace with items straight from Israel and a few new menu items as well.   

I want to give a special shout out to the pavilion sponsors and partners, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), the Edmonton Jewish Community Charitable Foundation, Vish, and Lena and Victor Linetsky of PosterTech. Gerry Almendrades, the CIJA national security advisor, has been working closely with us to plan and lead the security for this event. Our Federation contracted Jay Cairns to oversee and organize our pavilion, and he has brought his vision and enthusiasm to our team. Thank you to every volunteer and staff member who has gone above and beyond to ensure that we have a pavilion to be proud of.   

One of the many reasons I love Heritage Festival is the opportunity to visit with so many of you and to see the community take joy and pride in being together and enjoying our culture. Rest up this Shabbat so you have lots of energy to come to the Northlands racetrack this weekend! 

Shabbat Shalom,