Jewish community shares condolences of two constables lost

Dear Community,

It is with a heavy heart that we took in the news of the tragic deaths of Constable Brett Ryan and Constable Travis Jordan, who were shot and killed in the line of duty yesterday. On behalf of the Edmonton Jewish community, we offered a letter to Chief Dale McFee expressing our heartfelt condolences to the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) and the families of the deceased.

I would like to share an excerpt with you:
"…We recognize their commitment to the safety and security of the City of Edmonton and its civilians. Like all residents of our city, we are devastated by this loss. But their loss exemplifies why we feel safer and more secure living here and why we are thankful, every day, for the service of our EPS members. We cannot imagine a world in which people like Constable Ryan and Constable Jordan did not dedicate themselves to the service of the public.
The Jewish community values its relationship with EPS. That relationship helps ensure our community is a safer and more secure place for all residents of our city, including those who may be more vulnerable or who may be targeted for their ethnicity, culture, race, or sexual orientation.

Constable Ryan and Constable Jordan suffered the ultimate sacrifice carrying out their duties, working to make our community safe for everyone. This tragedy highlights the risks both constables and other members of the EPS undertake daily on behalf of every resident of our city. There is no greater gift they could have given to us…"

I encourage you to send your own letters of support to the Edmonton Police, whether to one of our many friends in the service or to Chief McFee at Edmonton Police headquarters.

Shabbat Shalom,