Federations are committed to causes at home and abroad

Jewish Federations of North America have sent a letter to the Government of Israel regarding the judicial reform debate. Following the release of the letter, Prime Minister Netanyahu called for dialogue and Opposition Leader Lapid responded that he agreed with the principles.  

While the debate around judicial reforms in Israel has been controversial, it does not fundamentally affect the important causes to which Jewish Federations are committed at home, in Israel, or around the world, such as saving at-risk Jews, supporting those in need, helping victims of terror, and bolstering schools, synagogues and community activities.  

It is hard to believe that one year has passed since the invasion into Ukraine, where many Jews are continuing to face difficulties. This Shabbat, learn what Federations & The JDC have been able to do for Ukrainian Jews since the war began one year ago. Here's how you have helped these critical efforts, with some reflections and blessings you can incorporate into your Shabbat prayers.  

This week we hosted a few visitors at the Federation offices, including MP Kelly McCauley, where we spoke about antisemitism, assistance for seniors, and available grants for community agencies. We also had a visit from Yasin Cetin, Edmonton Police Services Community Relations Coordinator who expressed his appreciation for the work that we do, and our measured approach to advocacy.  If you are interested to meet with elected officials, or help represent the community (in person or on media) please contact Jacqueline to find out how you can get more involved.  

I will be the invited speaker following Kiddush at Beth Shalom this weekend, speaking about my recent experiences while on vacation in Dubai, while touching on the topics of antisemitism and commitment to Israel. I hope to see you there and wish you a shabbat shalom.