Kiss Me Kosher


Israel/Germany, 2020

Director: Shirel Peleg

Hebrew, English, and German with English subtitles

Romantic Comedy

101 Minutes

Sunday, May 9th


When Maria moves from Germany to Tel Aviv to be with her beloved, Shira, a series of small mis-steps puts in motion a wedding plan for the two women, a visit to Israel by Maria’s parents, a culture clash, and a fierce battle with Berta, Shira’s grandmother who is flatly opposed to any marriage between Jews and Germans. Shira and Maria discover that love is not the road to happiness they had envisioned, but more a minefield, littered with booby traps waiting to detonate. Even the most cringeworthy situations bring laugh out loud moments in this charming rom-com.


Sponsored by:  Cynthia and Wayne Pertman

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