• ROBBIE GRINGRAS | Sunday, June 6, 12:00 PM

    World-renowned solo theater performer, inspirational speaker, charismatic teacher, and one of the most creative thinkers calling for "Hugging and Wrestling with Israel". As a British-born Israeli Robbie has performed and lectured throughout the Jewish world in English and in Hebrew. While Creative Director of Makom, he developed and now drives the 4HQ System of Israel Education across the world.

  • RACHEL SHARANSKY DANZIGER | Sunday, Mar 7, 12:00 PM

    Jerusalem-born writer and a lover of juxtapositions. She blogs about the intersections between life, parenting, history, and text for The times of Israel, 929, and Kveller. Having researched connections between religion, emotion, and storytelling for her MA thesis in American history, she now explores similar connections in the Bible and in real life. Registration for this event is now closed.

  • AMOTZ ASA-EL | Sunday, Feb. 7, 12:00 PM

    Bestselling author and award-winning journalist Amotz Asa-El is the Jerusalem Post's senior columnist and former executive editor. A Hartman Institute Fellow, his Hebrew bestseller "The Jewish March of Folly," (Yediot, 2019), is a critical history of the Jewish people's leadership from antiquity to modernity.
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  • YISRAEL CAMPBELL | Sunday, Jan. 10, 12:00 PM

    Yisrael Campbell is just your average Irish, Italian, Catholic, Reform, Conservative, Unorthodox, Orthodox Jew, who was born to be funny. (The Jewish part came later.) A spiritual journey stretching across four decades, two continents, and three circumcisions. From the wildly successful off-Broadway play. Yisrael is hilarious.
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  • KATHY KACER | Wednesday, Dec. 16, 7:00 PM

    Kathy writes about the Holocaust in a way that is sensitive to young readers. A winner of the Jewish Book Award in Canada and the U.S., and the Yad Vashem Award for Children's Holocaust Literature in Israel, Kathy writes unforgettable stories inspired by real events. Her books have been translated into 20 languages. She also lectures on the topic of teaching sensitive material to young readers.
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  • AVRAHAM INFELD | Sunday Nov. 22, 12:00 PM This event.

    Avraham Infeld is President Emeritus of Hillel International, and founder and director of a number of innovative educational institutions. He has invested a lifetime building Jewish identity and strengthening the State of Israel by instructing Jewish youth on five core principles: the Hebrew language, the Land of Israel, Jewish values, the Jewish religion and the Jewish community.
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