Heritage Days Thank-you!


Not enough words of thanks and appreciation for all of those who helped make the Israel Pavilion at Heritage Days a huge success! This year, the Pavilion won three awards, our most ever: Arts & Crafts, Culture (Vignette) and Entertainment! Attendance at this event was up from last year with a near-record 360,000 people in attendance.


Thank you to Christina Reboh for helping to organize the volunteers and put up the displays. Thank you to all of our volunteers who came out to man the culture tent, make Hebrew bracelets and serve food. And a huge thanks to the Shiru Hashir dancers and the Aviv Israeli Folk Dance for all of their amazing dancing throughout the weekend!


Thank you to to Victor & Lena Linetsky and Poster Tech for making our pavilion the best looking pavilion at the festival!!! They provided the printing for all of our walls, signs and the beautiful new backdrop of the City of David.


Thank you to Catering By Ed and their staff, including Susan and Eddie for providing our delicious food including falafel, blintzes, deep-fried pickles and Lemonana. Thank you to Andrew and Miri Feher for bringing all the beautiful items we sale at the pavilion all the way from Israel. Thank you to Jay Cairns for setting the PA system. Thank you to Spinder Shergill for coming every year and helping us set up the plumbing, safety equipment and large-format displays. Thank you Mitchell Goldford and Capital Windows and Snow for helping us transforming our lawn into a beautiful space!! Yasher koach!


Thank you also to our partner CIJA, and to the Edmonton Jewish Community Charitable Foundation for making this another successful Heritage Days for the Israel Pavilion. And thank you to the hard-working Federation staff who work tirelessly to make sure this happens every year – Tal Toubiana, Debby Shoctor, Jennifer Brownridge, Susan Schiffman, Dani Uretsky and Elianna Lisan.