Israel and Overseas

Touching lives around the world.

We take our responsibility to help world Jewry very seriously. That’s why our reach extends beyond our local community.

Our Israel and Overseas Department is dedicated to improving the lives of Jews in Israel and around the world and building connections with our own community. We work with our partner agencies to support struggling regions, facilitate volunteer opportunities and strengthen the Canada-Israel relationship.

Our goal is to create a sustainable change.

Our Projects in Israel
By funding educational and social services projects in our partnership region, we are working to help residents overcome the disadvantages that stem from its geographic isolation and its social and economic challenges. We provide support for long-term economic generators such as the new medical school in Safed and we support partners who are addressing the region's myriad emerging needs.

Through Partnership2Gether (P2G), we are striving to improve the quality of life of residents in our P2G region: the Upper Galilee Panhandle. Our ongoing relationship provides support through capital projects and strategic investments, as well as through collaboration and real friendship through Gesher Chai (Living Bridge) programs. More...

Former Soviet Union 
More than 165,000 impoverished elderly Jews live in the former Soviet Union. By working with the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), we help ease their day-to-day struggle by providing critical aid, including food and medical programs. 

Israel and Overseas Experiences
Thinking of spending time in Israel? We can help you find the right travel opportunity, whether you’re a young adult who would like to experience Israel for the first time or a professional who would like to learn Hebrew on a kibbutz. There are programs available in Canada, Africa, India and Europe, too. More...

Volunteer Internationally
Make a lasting difference in a Jewish community overseas. Volunteering internationally is a life-changing opportunity for everyone from young adults to active seniors. Plus, you can volunteer with many of the programs Jewish Federation supports. More...

Making Aliyah
Moving to Israel? We have a list of resources that can provide information, assistance and support to help make your transition a smooth one. More...

Israeli Consular Services
An official representative office of the Government of Israel, the Consulate General of Israel in Toronto can provide helpful information for Israelis living abroad. More...