Holocaust Education Programming

Holocaust Education and Commemoration are central to the mission of the Jewish Federation of Edmonton. We work both within the Jewish community and with the greater community of Edmonton and Northern Alberta to provide resources for learning about and remembering the Holocaust.


Our educational programming focuses on connecting teachers with resources to support teaching and learning about the Holocaust. 


Some examples of resources we can provide:

  • Direct consultation with educators to match them with curriculum to use in their classrooms or presentations at their school
  • Traveling museum exhibits from Yad Vashem, the world Holocaust Remembrance Centre
  • Second Voices Presentations
  • Teacher training
  • My Heart in a Suitcase – Theatre on Demand – Holocaust-themed play for students in grades 5-9


A feature of our outreach programming in Holocaust education is the annual Dianne and Irving Kipnes Holocaust Education Symposium, a half day program held each spring for students featuring a presentation by a Holocaust survivor.

Dianne and Irving Kipnes Holocaust Education Symposium

Museum Exhibits from Yad Vashem

Holocaust Commemoration and Remembrance

Throughout the year, we host annual programs and community ceremonies on important dates for commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. 

Significant occasions include:

  • Kristallnacht – November 9
  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day – January 27
  • Yom HaShoah – 27 Nisan (Hebrew Calendar)  (April/May, Gregorian Calendar)


For more information about our Holocaust education and commemoration programming contact Jenn Magalnick, Director of Holocaust Education and Community Engagement at 780-487-0585, ext. 206.

March of the Living

The March of the Living is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that takes thousands of Jewish teens from countries around the world to Poland and Israel. Students learn about the Holocaust, the history of the Jewish communities that once thrived in Poland and about Israel. Students from Edmonton travel every other year with a Coast to Coast contingent of participants from cities across Canada. Participation in the program is organized locally by the Jewish Federation of Edmonton, including pre-trip education and chaperone support throughout the experience. 

To learn more about the March of the Living

Second Voices Presentations

The Jewish Federation of Edmonton offers presentations given by a second generation Holocaust survivor sharing their family story of survival. Second generation survivors bring their parent’s testimony to light and are able to discuss and answer questions about the impact on their parents, their family and the Jewish community.  

  • Having his high school students attend the annual Dianne and Irving Kipnes Holocaust Education Symposium is a field trip experience like no other for Chris Johnston.

    Chris, who teaches social studies at Ross Shepherd High School, has been bringing students to the symposium for over 20 years, including the time he worked at Victoria School of the Arts. This year’s symposium hosted Holocaust survivor Marie Doduck, who managed to survive on the streets star...

  • Before attending the Dianne and Irving Kipnes Holocaust Education Symposium in May, Carter Collier didn’t realize the magnitude of antisemitism that still prevails to this day. Carter, a Grade 11 student from Lillian Osborne High School, was familiar with Jewish holidays but not much more than that.

    He decided to go on this optional half day field trip because he thought it would be an incredible experience. “I felt it would be really important to actu...

  • March of the Living is returning this year after being dormant because of the pandemic. Nathan Campbell, 21, was one of the past participants from Edmonton and still carries with him the memories and impact of the trip.

    He wanted to go on the program to experience firsthand what his maternal grandparents and great grandparents went through in Lithuania. In 2018, he registered to be part of the coast-to-coast delegation, which included students from Calgary...