From Cairo to the Cloud


Canada, US, Egypt, France Israel, 2018

Director: Michelle Paymar



94 minutes

Wednesday, May 22, 7:00 pm


The gripping story of the discovery and significance of the Cairo Geniza, a vast, treasure trove of manuscripts hidden for centuries in the "geniza," or sacred storeroom, of an ancient synagogue in Old Cairo. The Geniza is the largest cache of Jewish history ever found, illuminating over a thousand years of Jewish, Christian and Moslem life in the heart of the Islamic world. Though discovered over a century ago, the collection was dispersed among 70 different libraries. Now, through the work of a team of international archivists and digital experts, this astounding trove of half a million fragments is being digitized and the virtual collection made available in The Cloud, to one and all.


Special guest: Rabbi Mark Glickman

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