Financial aid


The Edmonton Jewish Federation helps ensure that nobody is denied Jewish experiences due to financial difficulty. 


The Integrated Bursary Program (IBP) was created to make the process of applying for a bursary more dignified, anonymous, effective and fair. All the schools, programs and services covered by bursaries are on one application form, meaning the process is done one time for the entire year for all family members.


It is the Edmonton Jewish Federation’s policy that families and individuals needing a bursary be accommodated if at all possible. We are committed to the ideal that no member of the Jewish community be denied a Jewish educational, social, or cultural experience. Those families that do not have the financial resources to pay full fees will be considered for a bursary.


What happens when you apply


  • A single, comprehensive application is completed by each family which includes all children, desired services/programs, anticipated cost of Jewish life, anticipated family contribution amount, and highlights of extenuating circumstances. This is submitted directly to JFE.
  • A trained counsellor from Jewish Family Services may meet with families to discuss the application and process if need be. Upon meeting completion, the counsellor makes a recommendation regarding the family contribution amount, as well as recommended provision of requested services (i.e. how many weeks of camp, etc.).
  • A small adjudication committee comprised of volunteers representing different segments of the community convenes, and reviews each file. The files are by number only – no names are present or referred to. The committee works with a pre-budgeted allocation purse as approved by the Federation Board, and continues to review all files several times to support as many reasonable requests as possible.
  • Families are then notified of the outcome of their application, and the amount requested of them as their contribution. The committee entertains appeals on an as-needed basis.
  • Partner organizations work with the IBP process, in some cases reducing their price tag for certain services. If Federation is unable to provide a bursary, the organizations themselves can step in on appeal and may choose to fund the bursaries themselves.
  • Funds owed to partners are paid directly by Federation as part of the community allocation process, with IBP recipient families paying a specified amount to each partner on their own (as pre-determined through adjudication). Those amounts are communicated to a designated person at each organization, keeping the process equitable and involving as few additional people as possible.


Download the 2022 IBP application form. Deadline to submit is May 31, 2022.