Virtual tour viewing tips

This virtual reality tour for the Shine a Light on Antisemitism mosaic art project is easy to use and accessible to everyone. The platform has been tested on all common devices, browsers, and operating systems and you do not need any VR equipment in order to enjoy!

There are many ways to move through VR tours.

  • Embedded icons will allow you to see photos or videos.


There are different ways to navigate this image.

  1. Use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to see the art piece from another point-of-view.
  2. Use the scroll wheel of your computer mouse to zoom in on the tiles.


Every work of art / object allows you to learn something new.


By clicking on the icons you will be able to either:

  1. See a photo of the person who created the tile.
  2. Watch a video about why this particular tile was created.