Earl Parker Award for Jewish Film

The Edmonton Jewish Film Festival (EJFF) is pleased to announce the opening of competition for the Earl Parker Award for Jewish Film for 2023. This award of $1,500 will be presented at the EJFF opening night, May 7, 2023.

Eligible projects must be related to Jewish identity, themes, or culture, and may be fictional or non-fictional. Applicants must be engaged in a film or video project at any stage of production, including but not limited to: script writing, storyboarding, cinematography, post-production requirements, as well as seeking distribution for a finished film. Alternatively, the award may be applied to the costs of attending workshops or a course of study in film or video production, developing related practical skills, or establishing a program of study designed to create Jewish content films or videos.

Who is eligible? The competition is open to Canadian residents of any age. School groups may apply. The submission deadline is April 3, 2023.

For questions, please contact Susan Schiffman at susans@edjfed.org.

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2022 Earl Parker Award for Jewish Film winner

The Klezmer Kitchen Party -- Creating a New Canadian Jewish Tradition!
Produced by KlezKanada
2022 Earl Parker Award Winner

KlezKanada will create and premiere a short film documenting the Klezmer Kitchen Party, a new project to see what happens when Jewish culture is given a seat at the table for this distinctively Canadian custom. The film will bring together musicians, culinary artists, and dancers from Yiddish, Quebecois, Newfoundland, and Irish Canadian communities who will play together, hold literary readings and sing in Yiddish, English, and French. KlezKanada will work with Montreal-based Hungarian Jewish filmmaker Tamás Wormser, filming in kitchens around Quebec. The film will be live-streamed to a virtual audience as the closing event of the digital component of KlezKanada’s summer festival, in August 2022.

The Edmonton Jewish Film Festival will also screen the Klezmer Kitchen Party at the 2023 EJFF.

2021 Earl Parker Award for Jewish Film winner

The Edmonton Jewish Film Festival congratulates Malka Martz-Oberlander, winner of the 2021 Earl Parker Award for Jewish Film.

The Four Children
Directed by Malka Martz-Oberlander
2021 Earl Parker Award Winner

The film will be a story about four teens with very different backgrounds and convictions who set out together on a trip to Israel. In this short “dramedy”, Malka will explore the different types of Jews in us all: the Jews we want to be and the Jews we would prefer not to be.

2020 Earl Parker Award for Jewish Film winner

David Michael Frankel Feinstein-Goldberg and the Unbarmitzvah
Directed by Malka Martz-Oberlander
2020 Earl Parker Award Winner

A heartwarming, authentic comedy about a Jewish boy discovering the meaning of tradition and family in a world that doesn’t always accept him.

2019 Earl Parker Award for Jewish Film winner

No Simple Past
Produced by KlezKanada
2019 Earl Parker Award Winner

Documentary about KlezKanada’s summer retreat exploring the Yiddish Glory Project, the lost songs of World War II.