6 2019

Stop the Bleed course

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Contact Tal Toubiana
780-487-0585 ext 204

The Stop the Bleed (STB) course will provide the community members, employees and professional security responders with the training to deal with casualties suffering from traumatic massive hemorrhage. Whether the casualty has suffered a work-related injury, traffic accident, gunshot or stab wound(s); this training will assist your community members in saving lives until First Responders arrive.



Stop the Bleeding course will cover:

  • How to differentiate between life-threatening and non-life-threatening hemorrhage 

  • Commercial Tourniquet application (CAT and SOFT-T) 

  • How to apply direct and indirect pressure techniques to temporarily control hemorrhages 

  • How to use improvised tourniquets 

  • Wound packing (commercially available products and common adjuncts) 

  • How to deal with major bleeding in children 

Location: TBA