20 2024

Pride Event - An Evening with Jonathan Elkhoury

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Jonathan Elkhoury is an Israeli - Lebanese, director of international relations at DiploAct and commentator on Israeli affairs.

Jonathan tells an engaging narrative that explores the story of the South Lebanese Army’s cooperation with Israel and their joint efforts to counter the terrorism stemming from Hezbollah and Palestinian groups in Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war. 

He offers a unique personal perspective as a gay, Lebanese Christian who sought refuge in Israel in 2001, shedding light on the experiences of a minority in a complex region. Additionally, the presentation provides profound insights into contemporary Israeli realities, including the ongoing War against Hamas, Lebanon’s current situation, and the enduring presence of Hezbollah.

Jonathan’s expertise is a window into the intricate geopolitical dynamics of the Middle East from an intersectional position.

The Jewish Federation of Edmonton is excited to host him for this Pride event.

Thursday, June 20
An Evening with Jonathan Elkhoury
Pride Event
7 p.m.
Stanley A. Milner Library theatre
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