17 2023


31 2023

Jewish Seniors Citizens' Centre: The History of Jazz


Jewish Senior Citizen's Centre 10052 117 Street
Edmonton, AB T5K1X2

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$ Cost $ 75.00

Join Mr. Biboye Onanuga and his trio to enjoy the History of Jazz Series at the Jewish Senior Citizens' Centre.

August 17: Early Jazz, New Orleans, Swing, Big Band (1900-1940)

Explore the roots of jazz as it emerges in New Orleans, captivating audiences with its lively rhythms and improvisation originating from Africa. Experience the golden era of swing that swept through America, filling the air with infectious energy.

August 24: Bop, Cool Jazz, Modal Jazz, Latin Jazz (1940-1960)

Immerse yourself in the transformative era of jazz as innovation takes center stage. Witness the birth of Bebop, the cool and laid-back allure of Cool Jazz, and the exploration of modal harmonies. Feel the Latin rhythms that added vibrant flavors to the genre.

August 31: Modern Jazz; Avant Garde, Fusion . . . (1960-Present Day)

Embark on a journey through the evolution of jazz, where boundaries are pushed and creativity knows no limits. Embrace the experimental spirit of Avant-Garde, the fusion of jazz with rock and other genres, and the bold sounds and techniques that define the modern jazz landscape.

Member: $65, Non-member: $75 for the series (appetizers included) Please RSVP ASAP with payment via e-transfer to