23 2019

CFHU presents the best of Hebrew University: Prof. Yoram Yovell

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Professor Yoram Yovell is a highly respected psychiatrist, brain researcher, psychoanalyst, TV presenter, author and one of the top keynote speakers in Israel.   Born in Jerusalem, he trained at Columbia University in the laboratory of Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel and then worked for a few years as a therapist in Manhattan. He received his Ph.D. in neurobiology from the prestigious Weizmann Institute in 1990. He is currently an associate professor in the Division of Clinical Neuroscience, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Yoram is the author of two bestsellers that deal with how science may account for some of the puzzling, seemingly illogical workings of the human mind: Brainstorm (2001) and What Is Love (2004).  He hosted an award-winning prime time Israeli TV talk show called Sihat Nefesh for 10 years, where he interviewed politicians, writers, and artists about the relationship between their lives and their work.  He also writes a weekly column for one of Israel’s leading national newspapers and news websites on psychological and neurobiological issues related to current affairs (published in English on YnetNews.com).

  • The lecture is open to the entire community and will be followed by a dessert reception (Kashrut will be observed) – No charge
  • The event is co-sponsored by Canadian Friends of Hebrew University (CFHU) and the University of Alberta
  • The lecture & reception following will be held at Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA), which is on the University of Alberta Campus:  11405-87th Ave.
  • Parking is available next to ECHA in the Jubilee Auditorium Parkade
  • Lecture Theatre 2-490