18 2022


26 2022

The Eight Days (plus one) of Henukkah - a holiday #yegquest

9:00AM - 11:55PM  

Downtown Edmonton!
Edmonton, AB

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Senator Paula Simons presents a new Chanukah scavenger hunt, starring Henday, her iconic Yegquest chicken. Each day of Chanukah, she'll use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Mastodon to post a photo of Henday at a different "mystery" place in downtown Edmonton. Players will then have to solve the clue that tells them where to find the roving hen. Take a similar photo in the same place, and post it to your own social media account, using the hashtag #yegquest.

It's a free, accessible, family-friendly way to explore the heart of the city and share the spirit of Chanukah with Edmontonians.

Sponsor: Senator Paula Simons