What we do

The Jewish Federation of Edmonton was established as the central community organization in order to bring community interests together. Federation aims to provide the Jewish community with educational and arts and cultural programs along with support for local agencies, for Israel and Klal Israel.

The ideals that motivate Federations are the precious heritage of our Jewish people. Our parents and grandparents brought these ideals to this country and we are charged with keeping them alive to hand on to our children and grandchildren. United and diverse, traditional and innovative, giving and accepting, the Jewish Federation of Edmonton celebrates the uniqueness of its members and, like a family, care for their own.

Our values

Two sets of values guide the Federation’s work—Jewish values and business values. The Jewish values that guide the work of the Jewish Federation of Edmonton include “Yisrael Arevim Zeh l’zeh”—all the people of Israel care for each other; Tikun Olam—repairing the world and Ahavat Chesed—loving kindness. We should care for each other; we should engage in acts of loving kindness and we should care about others and repair the world. The business values include collaboration, accountability, and transparency. Together, these six values lay the foundational underpinnings for the work of the Jewish Federation of Edmonton.

Our mission

The Jewish Federation of Edmonton mobilizes and develops resources and strengthens relationships in order to provide leadership at home, in Israel, and around the world.

Our vision

A thriving, caring, engaged, and connected Jewish community.

Our staff

Stacey Leavitt-Wright
780-487 0585 ext. 203

Susan Schiffman
Director of Development,
Jewish Film Festival
780-487-0585 ext. 206

Tammy Vineberg, APR
Associate Director, Marketing and Communications
780-487-0585, ext. 204

Jennifer Magalnick

Associate Director, Holocaust Education and Community Engagement


780-487-0585, ext. 207

Deidre Norris
Financial Officer
780-487-0585 ext. 202

Mischa Robuliak
Donor database administrator

Jacob Oshry

Hillel Edmonton



Jacqueline Medalye, B.B.A., M.A.

Associate Director, Next Generation Leadership and Advocacy


780-487-0585, ext. 209

Jewish Federation of Edmonton Board

Executive Board

Past President: Steven Shafir
Vice-President: Lisa Miller
Vice-President: Anika Zepp
Treasurer and Vice-President: Benaron Glieberman
Secretary and Vice-President: Rebecca Asbell
United Jewish Appeal Co-Chair: Farrel Shadlyn
United Jewish Appeal Co-Chair: Josh Raizman


David Aaron
Joel Allen
Teddy Braun
Suzanne Davis
Davina Eisenstat
Tobey Freedman
Ellery Lew
Liran Levin
Victor Linetsky
Jared Paull
Sarah Troster