What We Do


At The Jewish Federation of Edmonton, our goal is to touch the lives of every member of our community and to connect them with each other, and with fellow Jews around the world. Every program we fund and every service we support works to achieve this.

Thanks to your generosity we are able to provide a safety net for our most vulnerable, and strengthen our community for now and for generations to come.


Who We Are


The Jewish Federation of Edmonton was established as the central community organization in order to bring community interests together. Federation aims to provide the Jewish community with educational and arts and cultural programs along with support for local agencies, for Israel and Klal Israel.


The ideals that motivate Federations are the precious heritage of our Jewish people. Our parents and grandparents brought these ideals to this country and we are charged with keeping them alive to hand on to our children and grandchildren. United and diverse, traditional and innovative, giving and accepting, the Jewish Federation of Edmonton celebrates the uniqueness of its members and, like a family, care for their own. 


Our Values


Two sets of values guide the Federation’s work—Jewish values and business values. The Jewish values that guide the work of the Jewish Federation of Edmonton include “Yisrael Arevim Zeh l’zeh”—all the people of Israel care for each other; Tikun Olam—repairing the world and Ahavat Chesed—loving kindness. We should care for each other; we should engage in acts of loving kindness and we should care about others and repair the world. The business values include collaboration, accountability, and transparency. Together, these six values lay the foundational underpinnings for the work of the Jewish
Federation of Edmonton.


Our Mission

The Jewish Federation of Edmonton mobilizes and develops resources and strengthens relationships in order to provide leadership at home, in Israel, and around the world.


Our Vision


A thriving, caring, engaged, and connected Jewish community.

Our Work


Through our collaborative community planning process and our annual United Jewish Appeal campaign, The Jewish Federation of Edmonton touches many lives. We work closely with our partner agencies to identify needs locally, in our partnership region in Northern Israel and in overseas Jewish communities. We work with our national partner, The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, to advocate on behalf of the Jewish community on domestic and social policy issues and on Canada’s support for Israel.

The United Jewish Appeal campaign, our Jewish community’s central fundraising initiative and other development efforts, contribute to the continuity of the Jewish people, enhance the quality of life, and participate in the building of a strong Jewish community locally, in Israel and throughout the world.


Caring for our Most Vulnerable


At the heart of our work is our goal to improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of our worldwide Jewish family. To that end, we provide funding for vital programs and services that help maintain an important social safety net. Federation-supported programs reach out to the elderly, to children and adults with special needs, and to those facing poverty and hunger.

Carrying on the Tradition

The Jewish Federation of Edmonton is committed to ensuring our heritage is handed down to our children and grandchildren, and to providing opportunities for lifelong learning within a Jewish context. We promote and advance Jewish education by providing funding for educational programs and offering professional development opportunities for those involved in both formal and informal learning.