The Edmonton Jewish Film Festival will be held from May 10 to May 18, 2022. Offering an outstanding array of Jewish-themed films and shorts from Europe, Israel and the US, the festival will showcase Jewish culture, traditions, and ideas, through film. These Edmonton premieres bring stories of politics, history, literature, friendship and more. Complementing the films are Zoom talks with filmmakers. All films will be available online and three will be shown in-person at the Edmonton Public Library downtown. All films and events are FREE and open to one and all! You will need an email address and a computer to watch the online films and events.


All online films will be available from noon to 10 p.m. on their designated screening day.


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2022 Edmonton Jewish Film Festival program

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  • Neighbours - Tuesday, May 10 (In person at 7 p.m. and online)

    In a Syrian border village in the early 1980s, little Sero goes to school for the first time. A new teacher has arrived who forbids the Kurdish language, orders veneration of Syria’s brutal despot, and preaches violence and hate towards the Zionist enemy. Sero is upset and confused by these teachings, because his long-time neighbors are a lovable Jewish family. Sponsored by Catherine Miller, Len Dolgoy and Family, Francie Ratner, Mark Dolgoy and Family.

  • Q&A with Neighbours director Mano Khalil - Wednesday, May 11 at noon

    Moderated by Sheba Birhanu, Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (on Zoom – link will be provided with registration)

  • The Last Chapter of A.B. Yehoshua - Wednesday, May 11 (online)

    The story of A.B. Yehoshua, the greatest Israeli writer living today, who is dealing with serious illness, widowhood and loneliness, but chooses love and embarks on his final journey. A rare and fascinating look at one of Israel’s most beloved writers. Sponsored by Corey Johnson of Scotia Private Investment Counsel.

  • Masel Tov Cocktail - Wednesday, May 11 (Short film / online)

    As the son of Russian immigrants to Germany, nineteen-year-old Dimitrij has had enough of adapting to other people’s expectations of him as a token Jew. In this innovative and unsettling film, our protagonist exposes, unpacks and throws back in our faces everything we ever thought we knew about Jews living in Germany today.

  • Plan A - Thursday, May 12 (online)

    This gripping thriller is based on the incredible true story of the “Avengers,“ a group of Jewish vigilantes, who, after the Holocaust, vow to avenge the death of their families, friends and 6 million other Jews. They formulate a plan to kill 6 million Germans by poisoning the water supplies of Nuremberg, Munich, Cologne, Weimar and Hamburg. Their dangerous and bold secret operation was called Plan A. Sponsored by the Jewish Archives and Historical Society of Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

  • Fiddler's Journey to the Big Screen - Sunday, May 15 (in person and online)

    Fiddler’s Journey to the Big Screen captures the humor and drama of director Norman Jewison's quest to recreate the lost world of Jewish life in Tsarist Russia and re-envision the beloved stage hit as a wide-screen epic. The film is full of delightful behind-the-scenes footage as well as original interviews with Jewison, Topol (Tevye), and Tevye’s daughters. The film is a thoughtful and entertaining tribute to one of the greatest movie musicals ever made. Sponsored by Servus Credit Union.

  • Space Torah - Sunday, May 15 (Short film / in person and online)

    Dr. Jeff Hoffman, the first Jewish American male astronaut, participated in five NASA space missions, and was the first astronaut to log 1,000 hours of flights aboard the space shuttle. Hofmann chose to integrate his Jewish identity and his role as a NASA scientist by bringing numerous Jewish objects into space, including a small Torah scroll. Made by Verissima Productions. Sponsored by the Edmonton Screen Industries Office.

  • Persian Lessons - Monday, May 16 (online)

    Gilles, a young Belgian Jewish man, is arrested by the SS and sent to a concentration camp. He avoids execution by convincing the guards that he is not Jewish, but Persian. His lie temporarily saves him until an SS officer demands that Gilles teach him Persian. To stay alive, Gilles has to invent a phony language word by word, remember it, and convince his pupil that he is learning real Persian. Sponsored by the The Holocaust Education Committee of the Jewish Federation of Edmonton.

  • Q&A with Fiddler’s Journey director Daniel Raim - Monday, May 6 at noon

    Moderated by Neil Grahn, director, writer and Edmonton Jewish Film Festival committee member (on Zoom – link will be made available with registration)

  • What If? Ehud Barak on War and Peace - Tuesday, May 17 (online)

    Can a leader succeed in influencing the world? Or is he a human being like anyone else and only a grain of sand tossed to the waves of history? 78-year-old Ehud Barak, a controversial former Israeli prime minister, initiator of Israel's plan to assassinate Yasser Arafat, and leading figure of the Zionist movement, observes with disillusioned clarity his personal history and the history of Israel. Sponsored by Friends of the Galilee Panhandle.

  • Holy Holocaust - Tuesday, May 17 (Short film / online)

    A dark family secret from the past is revealed unexpectedly and opens an abyss between two close friends: Jennifer, a black German woman, discovers that she is the granddaughter of a notorious Nazi commander and her life is turned upside down, while her longtime Israeli friend Noa is doing whatever she can to protect her life from upheaval. Sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women.

  • Q&A with Persian Lessons director Vadim Perelman – Tuesday, May 17 at noon

    Moderated by Sam Koplowicz, Chair, Edmonton Jewish Film Festival (on Zoom – link will be shared upon registration)

  • Tiger Within - Wednesday, May 18 (online)

    Casey, an unloved teenager from a broken home, runs away only to find herself destitute in LA. Seeking a place to rest, she happens upon a Jewish cemetery where she is discovered by Samuel, an elderly Holocaust survivor, who, despite her ignorance and antisemitic views, decides to help her. Written by Gina Wendkos (The Princess Diaries and Coyote Ugly) the film stars multiple Emmy Award-winning actor Ed Asner in one of his final roles. Sponsored by Cynthia and Wayne Pertman.

  • The Schnoz - Wednesday, May 18 (Short film and online)

    When Lydia’s grandma bestows a precious gift upon her, she knows it’s going to be memorable – “This is something to treasure your whole life. Happy 21st birthday bubelah”. And with that, Grandma hands her a big cheque – for a nose job. Sponsored by Aviv Israeli Folk Dance Association.

  • Q&A with Tiger Within filmmakers – Wednesday, May 18 at 8:30 p.m.

    A conversation with screenwriter Gina Wendkos and actress Margot Josefsohn, moderated by Becca Cogan-Grahn and Neil Grahn (on Zoom – link will be made available with registration)

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